CHRG - We make EV charging accessible as air, everywhere for everyone

We make Electric Vehicle charging accessible as air, everywhere for everyone

Electric Future

Electric vehicle numbers are growing explosively

Global Electric Vehicle Fleet

Electric cars in 2030


Charging points


Market size


87% of ALL global electric charging stations are installed in private locations and are Underutilized & Not Monetized


Meet CHRG Network — the “AirBnB” for electric car charging stations

The platform

Find Available Stations Nearby & Start Charging

Monetize your charging station and start earning $

The next generation of electric vehicle charging


App allows drivers to find, book, and pay for access to charging stations.

The platform

Platform allows for charging station owners to earn passive income by renting them out to the public.

How will CHRG Network grow

Charging stations on platform
kWh charged

Strength through partnership

Use case: charging station owner

$2,100 charging station, charging 4 hours per day, generates a profit* of $2,334 a year**

4 hours per day
Projected profit

1 year profit
234 USD
2 year profit
2,569 USD
3 year profit
4,903 USD
4 year profit
7,070 USD
5 year profit
9,236 USD
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* Profit = Charging Revenue - Operation & Maintenance - Taxes

** Assumptions: standard 11 kW smart charging station; electricity cost: $0.12/kWh; service price: $0.35/kWh


Amanda Terry
Amanda Terry
Vice President, Global Partner Development @ Acxiom
Aiste Guden
Aiste Guden
Senior Software Engineer @ Tesla Motors


Our experience


Rokas Danusevicius
Rokas Danusevicius LinkedIn profile
CEO / Co-founder
10+ years of project management experience in multinational corporations such as Saint-Gobain and Maersk Drilling. Rokas is a Tesla driver and pioneer who has first-hand knowledge of EV charging problems. He is also a real ambassador for sustainability and sharing economy.
Gintaras Kuzmickas
Gintaras Kuzmickas LinkedIn profile
CTO / Co-founder
Having started his career in media and tech companies, Gintaras has an amazing track record of successful products. 15+ year as CTO & CEO in various major brands. Today Gintaras is an extreme performance-oriented team member for whom no problem is unsolvable.
Zilvinas Paliukas
Zilvinas Paliukas LinkedIn profile
COO / Co-founder
Experienced CEO with 10+ year international business development experience in industries ranging from solar energy to construction. Zilvinas is well acquainted with Middle East and Asian markets. His diplomacy and knowledge is the key element in managing complex projects.
Andrius Milinavicius
Andrius Milinavicius LinkedIn profile
Experience-driven marketing and communications manager. With 12+ years of experience raging from media, entertainment, conferences to corporate product development, Andrius has a wide range of competences.
Linas Kuzma
Linas Kuzma LinkedIn profile
Project Manager
While his career focused on small businesses that Linas created and developed, he was always a true e-mobility enthusiast. Today, he also is a true blockchain believer and is the one to make things happen in CHRG team.
Viktorija Burlinskaite
Viktorija Burlinskaite LinkedIn profile
Product Manager
Viktorija loves facts and numbers. Viktorija enjoys building and implementing strategies and monitoring progress. Today Viktorija not only consults various projects, she is also our best analyst that sees what others can miss.


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December 2017
MVP launch
April 2018
Private alpha testing
May 2018
1st VC Angel & Blockchain Open Fund investments
June 2018
TOP3 startup in Northern and Eastern Europe
July 2018
1st partnership. EV car sharing company SPARK
October 2018
VC investment "Smart Energy Fund"
October 2019
WSA nominated as one of top 16 startups in the WORLD for Environment & Green Energy
May 2020 launched
June 2021
Grant received for dynamic load balancing tool
December 2021
EV charging marketplace public release in Lithuania
April 2022
Scaling to second market


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