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CHRG Network signed partnership with SPARK!

CHRG Network Team together with SPARK CEO Nerijus Dagilis

CHARGE NETWORK signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UAB Ride Share which operates electric car sharing service under brand SPARK.

SPARK operates in Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania and owns 200+ EV fleet and a closed-private network of 70+ EV charging stations.

Partnership is mutually beneficial as SPARK’s network of EV charging stations certain amount of time is under-utilised and company is considering opening its EV charging network to commercial use at certain time slots.

CHRG Network will develop platform integration with SPARK’s EV charging network. This way charging stations will become accessible for CHRG Network users and will contribute to SPARK’s revenue stream.

SPARK’s main goal is to rapidly expand its EV sharing platform to new markets. Limited access to charging infrastructure is a bottle neck in EV car sharing business. This is where CHRG NETWORK will come in and provide access for SPARK’s EV fleet to all charging stations connected to CHRG NETWORK platform with the aim to decrease SPARK’s reliance on its own EV charging network.

Both companies believe this memorandum will be a basis for long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

CHRG Network @ Singapore accelerator

CEO & co-founder Rokas Danusevicius

CEO & co-founder Rokas Danusevicius

I was very fortunate to be able to represent CHRG Network @ startup acceleration Programme in Singapore which happened on 27 May — 03 June organised by LATTICE80 in collaboration with MITA. We were selected amongst few most promising startups in Lithuania.

This trip turned out to be very successful. During a very well organised week we met Amazon Web ServicesPayPal’s Incubator which hosted TenX in their early days, OCBC Bank’s Vault which is the most forward thinking initiative by a bank, BLOCK71 Singapore by National University of Singapore, met with lots of FinTech, AI and blockchain experts, investors and FinTech companies.

At the end of the trip I had a pitch session in front of local investor audience. CHRG Network presentation got a lot of attention. Result — we are in talks regarding 2 valuable partnerships. Also in negotiations with undisclosed VC fund. Hope to have good news soon!

Big thanks for Viktorija Brazdziunaite (from MITA), Gina Heng and JoeSeunghyun Cho (from LATTICE80and Andy Lim (from Tembusu partnersVC) to organise this.